Thought Leadership

Who Is a Thought Leader or Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

A Thought Leader is a Subject Matter Expert or SME.  For sure, what WE think, say and do is important to US.  When OTHERS value what they hear, read and see about us, we acquire credibility which leads to recognition as an industry authority, expert.  Becoming a recognized authority or Subject Matter Expert, positions us to be rewarded. This is the essence of Thought Leadership – recognition and reward.  And what that reward is is personal to each and every one of us.  For sake of our discussion, business reward is financial.

Forbes magazine describes  the Thought Leader.  It comes down to two key parts 1) Others recognizing us 2) Our being able to profit from it.

Thought Leadership Conviction – Yours and Theirs

To become a Thought Leader business professional, or company, you need to believe you are an expert, an authority in your industry. To capitalize on this, your social marketing efforts must present you as THE industry expert, thought leader or brand leader.  More importantly, though you believe it, others HAVE to recognize it. That is the key.  It starts with a personal conviction, backed by proof and recognized by others.

Thought Leadership – The Brand Leader?

Jewel McKeon, an expert in brand development and management, president & founder of Power Point3 Inc. states: “A brand leader approaches business from a CONVICTION position to indelibly impress the identity of an enterprise, product or service in the minds of its target market. A brand leader boldly sets the pace, leading with certainty and passion, thereby knowingly forging new territory in the marketplace. A brand leader does not FEAR competition, does not do it the way it’s always been done nor does a brand leader fear a lack of market segmentation. A brand leader powerSHIFTS(tm) the marketplace to create new frontiers of success with exponential velocity.

With this CONVICTION a business professional can drive their Social Marketing message confidently into the social sphere. After all, one needs the strong confidence of being able to effect the marketplace and persuade their social connections to act.

Becoming a Thought Leader

Some may say, leaders are born that way.  Others take the position, leaders can be developed.  Either way by “nature or nurture”, anyone can be a Thought Leader through deliberate focus and specific follow through activities.  Yes, education on how to accomplish this along with utilizing the proper tool is necessary.  The Thought Leadership process involves – having an idea, concept, product, service, expertise, skill or profession and making these know to others so they recognize us as the individual or company  that will LEAD their need to purchase, sign up, volunteer, fund, etc.

Thought Leadership basically comes down to and engagement process and requires having the ability to create an outstanding marketing program to effectively promote us as THE Thought Leader and Subject Matter Expert.  Social Marketing is at the heart of the community engagement process and the Thought Leadership Platform is the vehicle that assists in accomplishing the expected results.

The Thought Leader capitalizes on this interest to engage customers, funders, volunteers and members.  Social Marketing is the entire set of activities needed to promote a Thought Leaders products, services and ideas (thoughts) to their targeted demographic communities.

Be Recognized – Build Your Reputation
Engage Your Community – Get Rewarded