Thought Leadership Platform

Thought Leadership – “Let’s give ’em something to talk about” Bonnie Raitt

Be Recognized – Build Your Reputation
Engage Your Community – Get Rewarded

We help you understand your WHY and “avoid brain damage”, then how, where and when to engage your best prospects, customers, associates, funders, and members through Influence and Action!  The website platform is a framework for – writing, communicating and conveying your message to your target community. As the Subject Matter Expert you will be recognized as a leader ready to experience success results from your Social Marketing.

Our Thought Leadership Platform is – the foundation structure, the framework of communication, writing and conveying you as the Subject Matter Expert to your target communities. This platform of Thought Leadership is a position to stand on, write about, speak on, promote and defend.

What Your Thought Leader Platform Contains

Platform 1 – Brand New, from the ground up, Customer Website Platform
Platform 2 – Rebuild Your Existing Website with New Platform Features
(Both platforms make your website automatically re-size on mobile devices!)

SocialConeMini Workshop Training on the Seven Principles of Social Marketing
SocialConeMini Google Analytics Account Set Up and Website Integration
SocialConeMini One Time Search Engine Optimized Website
SocialConeMini Strategies on Best Blog Keyword Categories and Tags (SEO bait)
SocialConeMini Assist with Developing Your Three Month Editorial Plan
SocialConeMini Create News Sources for Content Curation and Opinion Posting
SocialConeMini Direct you on the Preparation of your First Three Blog Posts
SocialConeMini Thought Leadership Platform Web site
SocialConeMini Overcome Your Writer’s Block with Our Easy Method For Writing
SocialConeMini “Your Weekly Nudge” Reminders to Keep You on Track and Focused