Social Marketing

What is Social Marketing?

Some immediately associate Social Marketing with Social Media Marketing.  Social Media is just one component of Social Marketing.  Others have identified Social Marketing as the “development and integration of marketing concepts to affect greater social good“.  Thus organizations look to affect changes in groups / demographics of people. So then what is Social Marketing?

Our perspective is simple, social marketing is about people.  Social by definition is people, “who prefer to live in subdivisions of society, in communities – to interact, communicate, to share their common interests, to influence involvement and recommend purchase behaviors”.  And so a business, whether a for-profit to acquire customers or a non-profit  to attract funders or volunteers, and other organizations that look to sign up members, they all need to craft their social marketing ability to engage people within their respective target communities.

Our company Social Marketing for provides the tools and know-how for professionals, consultants and businesses to accomplish this through our Thought Leadership Platform and Social Marketing education  The art and science behind this is represented in this diagram.

Influence and Action Core Principle ConceptsAt this time we are working exclusively with clients within the Greater Tampa Bay Region and specifically Pinellas County and Clearwater, Florida.  Contact Ed Woods directly for education, workshops, development, on implementing our Thought Leadership Platform or for a future business engagement.