Seven Social Principles

Principles 300Why Principles?
Because we as human beings make decision based on the fundamental principles we hold dear to us.  These primary principles are a solid bases for why we act.  Though marketing and technology will change, our principles will remain the same and keep us grounded to our business purpose and plan which is Principle 1.  (Read more about the need for marketing principles)

Principle 1 – Have a Purpose and a Plan on a Foundation of Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) requires careful business and marketing planning.

Principle 2 – Construct Community Relationships by Design
Who we connect with is deliberate. There is a science on how to spread your message through communities of people.  Studies by Cialdini, Granovetter, Gladwell, Dunbar, Misner and others teach us how best connect with specific demographic communities.

Principle 3 – Understand People’s Communication Styles
People communicate in different ways.  Understanding people and their preferences is important if we are to reach them with our social marketing message.

Principle 4 – Identify People’s Communication Channel Preferences
People gather the information from preferred communication channels. The study of their demographic can help determine the best channels to engage them in.

Principle 5 – Nurture Social Relationships With Real People
It’s about people … who prefer to live in subdivisions of society, in communities – to interact, communicate, to share their common interests, to influence involvement and recommend purchase behaviors.” People want to do business, volunteer, support and fund with those they Like, Know and Trust.

Principle 6 – Follow a 6-Step Engagement Process
The purpose of business is to obtain customers, funders, volunteers or members.  The entire relationship process has a sequence.  From awareness and first contact, to engagement and the business relationship.

Principle 7 – Use a Community Relationship Conversion (CRC) System
Measuring the process is essential.  Even a small business needs to have the ability to measure data points and track customer involvement.