My Influencers

Who of us in life are really self made men or women? Actually we all grow up learning from others.  Those who have the ability to do present newly formed ideas, adapt what they’ve learned into something innovative. They develop concepts which they can claim as their own.

Here are some influential personal business professionals who have helped me formulate Social Marketing for along with Influence and Action.

  • Bob Mutzl
    CEO/CMO Suncoast Marketing Partners Reference
  • Tom Fleming
    Franchise Owner BNI and the Referral Institute, Certified Networker Reference
  • Mark Bryan
    Executive Coach and Business Strategist – Focused Results Reference
  • Robin Lavitch
    Surpass Your Goal Reference
  • Ford , Barbara and Julliet Kyes
    ActionCoach Tampa Bay Reference
  • The Holy Bible
    “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage. But all who are hasty surely head for poverty.” Reference.
  • And must thank the sooooooooo many others in my life.