SOCIAL Science: “It’s about people … who prefer to live in subdivisions of society, in communities – to interact, communicate, to share their common interests and behaviors” . Be Human. Get Social for results.Social Technology

SOCIAL Marketing: We help our customers understand their WHY, then how, where and when to engage with their ideal prospects, customers, associates, funders, and members through Influence and Action. Create your Opinion Leadership Platform – the foundation structure, the framework of communication, writing and conveying you as the subject matter expert to your target audience. This platform of opinion leadership is a position to stand on, promote and defend.

PROCESS Engineering: Once your Opinion Leadership Platform is in place, as the subject matter expert, our team of professionals work alongside you to establish your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), execute your plan through the most effective communication channels and to measure your KPI results. Engage your community and Influence them to take Action.

Our Areas of Engineering

• Big Data
• Analytics
• Social Media
• Email and Spam
• Website Hosting
• Website Designs
• Event Attendance
• Brand Development
• Project Management
• WordPress Development
• Customer Conversion Data
• Search Engine Optimization
• Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
• Sales Force Territory Management
• Sales Force Accountability Systems
• Process Engineering Documentation