Social Media Confusion

Social Media Marketing is About People and Making Money – People Are Confused

A poll was taken. We wanted to see what a community of professionals thought of first when they heard the term “Social Media Marketing”. The four options they could choose from were the 1) Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn 2) People 3) Making Money 4) Nothing Comes to Mind. Since these professionals were actively involved in an online social network, they’d be a good source for answers. The results of the poll proves a very important point.

Which do you choose?
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words
“Social Media Marketing”

Social Media Marketing Poll

Eighty-five percent (77+8) of people in this poll have an incorrect view. Eleven percent have an important point to make – Social Marketing IS about people. However, only 1 in 50 people or two percent of the poll really got it right. The ONLY reason to adopt a Social Media Marketing campaign is for marketing. And marketing should produce money. Only making money can lead to profit. Most people are confused how to use social media. This explains why it fails for many.

Business is sustained with money.
Social Media Marketing is sustained by making money