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Social Marketing involves establishing a relationships between you the provider and thought leader with your target audience / community. The science of how to interact with people, to nurture positive relationships and influence action are well established by the “Masters of Influence”

LinkedIn LION or LION but Please Avoid Lyin’

Be a LinkedIn Organic Networker (L.I.O.N)

The term LinkedIn “LION” is an acronym for a Linked In OPEN Networker.  The LION is someone who is open to connection requests and expanding their social network with others they have never met before or have had no relationship with.  This is an interesting position and is contrary to statements from LinkedIn itself.  LinkedIn states… “L.I.O.N. is a designation used by several user-created groups and individual LinkedIn members to indicate a high level of interconnectivity to other LinkedIn members. This term is not endorsed by LinkedIn. As a reminder, only connect to people you know and trust and only join groups you want your name associated with. If you need additional information regarding any group’s purpose and/or philosophy, contact the identified group owner in the Groups Directory.

However, some see value in Open Networking: “LIONs are basically open to networking with people that they have never met before, and they are important in the fact that they bridge networks of closed people,” says Neal Schaffer.

I promote that a real “LION” is someone who is a Linked In ORGANIC Networker.  This LION builds their online social network by design, naturally, organically growing it through a purposeful relationship fertilization process. The Organic LION—rather than being haphazard in the exchange of random connections—is deliberate and purposeful, desiring to establish connections where there can be a mutual exchange of value.

Though I am not a LION as an OPEN networker, I do accept invitations from others where they make sense.  When people ask to connect, I review their profile to see what potential business relationship there might be. If there could be value, I accept the connection request. Since the other person initiated the request, I immediately follow up with a personal message asking them why they requested the connection and how they perceive us mutually benefitting from our new online relationship.  Some fail to respond to my question. Others reveal their “Sales” motive as either desiring to access my trusted LinkedIn network or to “Sell” me on their “fantastic once in a lifetime” opportunity.  Am pleased to say, many understand what I am asking, respond back appropriately and we begin a meaningful online dialog and conversation – welcome Bert Shlensky

So whether you are a LinkedIn Open or Organic Networker (L.I.O.N.), please be transparent, open, and honest. Know why you are making the connection and personalize your connection invitation with a well thought out persuasive message. Be a LION or a LION.  And please, no Lyin’ behind some connection request pretense which has little relationship value, dilutes the strength of your network and simply wastes time.