What is Your Why? Avoid Business “Brain Damage”

Know Your Why 275In an excerpt from a famous comedian’s video, he relates how all children have brain damage. In his monologue skit, a father asks his child, “Why did you do it?” The child answers, “I don’t knooooow”. He exclaims, “brain damage!” Hey, it’s hard to sense the humor just reading this. So go watch the video clip, get a laugh, and let’s apply it to business.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyMSc97UksM

At some time in our lives – most likely during our childhood, too – someone asked us, “Why did YOU do it?” and we said, “I don’t knooooow”. Our comedian, in the past, had a way of making us laugh. But perhaps we laugh because it’s so real and we’ve all said it. That’s all well and fun while growing up as a child, but “brain damage” in business is hazardous to our wealth. We avoid the business “brain damage” in whatever business task we undertake by knowing our “Why”.

At the foundation of our business “Why” is our Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Products, Services, Point of Difference, and other necessary success aspects. When these are clearly defined, written down, and then diligently followed, they produce for us a culture and a purpose for our doing business. The guide our campaign tactics and strategies.  Whatever the business task we undertake, it needs to be directly related to our core business aspects. Couple this with the need to measure the results we have a well rounded understanding our “Why”. Then when someone asked us, “Why did you do it?” our answer can be a solid “Because I …”

Yes our purposeful “Why” necessitates goals setting, careful planning, execution and measurement.  “Why” leads us to positive results. Yes, our comedian is funny and he makes us laugh. When we work from a well-designed purpose and a plan, avoiding business “brain damage”, we can further “laugh all the way to the bank”.

Thank you and recognition to Mark Bryan, owner of Focused Results in Clearwater Florida for coaching me over the last twelve years in developing my personal Business “Why”.

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